Here at Label Bar, we are industry leaders for supplying labels for the health and safety industry, offering over 10 years of experience in the field. Experts at providing the most extensive variety of labels that you could require, here we will draw our attention to our range of packaging and shipping labels.

Packaging and Shipping Labels at Label Bar

Here at Label Bar, we offer labels for objects that are fragile and must be handled with care. Similarly, we can offer labels when a package should be facing a particular direction, or guidance as to which way to open a package, and whether or not to use a cutter, hooks or hand trucks. Centre of gravity labels indicate where the shipping package is the heaviest. Other labels include those to show it should be kept dry, not to litter, and whether it uses recycled packaging.

The Importance of Packaging and Shipping Labels

In order to pack and ship goods in the best way, packaging labels for boxes are one of the most important aspects of shipping. To make sure that the contents get safely and securely from A to B, shipping stickers relay information to those handling the packages that they would not otherwise know. When goods are tucked away in their boxes, the inside cannot be seen. Packaging and shipping labels can help in a variety of ways, whether those handling packages at the start of their journey, those working in transit, or those on the receiving end of the packaging. Not only are they useful for the safety of the contents, but they can also be important for the health and safety of those working with such packages.

What Packaging and Shipping Labels Mean

Boxes can often be handled in a rough-and-ready way, with time pressure meaning there is an emphasis on efficiency rather than care. However, if a worker sees a sign indicating the package is fragile or should be handled with care, this allows them to have a balance between efficiency and care. Similarly signs that indicate which way up the package should be ensure the contents don’t get strewn everywhere in transit. Labels indicating the centre of gravity help those handling the package to hold it better, in a way that is safe for both the worker and the contents. Likewise, labels that show how to clamp a package, and whether or not to use hand trucks or hooks, mean that the worker will know how to handle the package in the proper way. Finally, labels that state whether or not to use a cutter and which way to open a package are helpful for those receiving the package, making sure not to damage anything at this final stage.

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