Shipping Packages

Just a few short decades ago, no one would have imagined that it would soon be possible to order products from the other side of the globe and have to arrive at your doorstep within a matter of hours.  But thanks to the phenomenon of internet shopping, combined with a revolution in the shipping and delivery industries, consumer culture has reached a state of near utopia in which it is possible to order items from far-flung lands and take delivery of those same items before you had even forgotten you ordered them!

The international infrastructure which has made this state of affairs possible is mind-boggling to say the least, and every aspect of commercial supply chains has come under scrutiny.  From the hi-tech elements such as the search engines and online payment intermediaries which make such purchases possible, to the far more down-to-earth but none the less vital considerations such as packing and shipping labels, everything must be optimised if the system is to work efficiently.

For those who use these facilities in the course of their work, or just for consumers who are curious about the stickers affixed to packages which arrive at their doors, here are some of the standard packing labels available from online signage and sticker supplier Label Bar:

Fragile Sticker 

Probably the most common and widely recognized type of shipping label is the ubiquitous fragile label.  Every year, millions of pounds’ worth of goods is damaged in transit and must be replaced.  While most deliveries are covered by some form of insurance or guarantee, the cost of breakages inevitably mount up and effect the global economy.  Fragile stickers warn handlers which packages are susceptible to damage, or just remind them to take extra care, thereby reducing the inconvenience and cost resulting from damaged shipments.

Handle With Care Sticker

With a similar purpose to fragile labels, Handle With Care labels can be used to remind delivery personnel to treat the goods in their care with consideration.  Anything from a Ming vase to a Country & Western guitar can be labelled ‘Handle With Care’, and will hopefully arrive at its destination in one piece.  Handle With Care stickers can also be used to draw attention to other postage labels, such as Fragile labels.

Centre of Gravity Sticker

Some packaging labels are used for a purpose which is a little less obvious to the general public.  Shipping stickers like ‘Centre of Gravity’ are mainly to inform, not the recipient, but those who handle the item along the way.  If a package is particularly heavy at one end, a handlers natural instinct to lift the object from the middle may result in an accident and possible injury.  For very large objects, a Centre of Gravity label can indicate where a crane or sling should be attached.

Besides packing stickers, Label Bar produce a wide range of labels and stickers for various applications such as PAT testing and Health & Safety.  Contact us if you can’t find what you need.

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