If your job involves packing products and shipping them to customers or colleagues, it’s good to keep up-to-date on the resources available to help you to complete the task successfully.  At Label Bar, we keep a stock of common packing labels and shipping stickers for immediate dispatch to those who rely on product shipping processes for their livelihoods.  Whether you typically ship one item at a time or thousands every day – and whether you handle the packing process yourself, or have a whole factory department to do it for you – we can supply the warning and information shipping labels you need to ensure each delivery gets to where it needs to go, in the same condition as when it was dispatched.  If there’s anything else you need, such as Health & Safety labels or ID products, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Fragile Stickers 

Most likely every one of us has, at some time in our lives, taken delivery of a package bearing a fragile sticker.  Fragile labels are there to tell delivery personnel that there is a breakable item inside. Take care!

Keep Dry Stickers

A label especially for items which could easily be ruined by rain or moisture.  Paper products like books, and cooking ingredients such as herbs and spices are two which spring immediately to mind.

This Way Up Stickers

Opening a package upside down can result in the contents spilling all over the floor and getting lost.  By indicating which is the top of the box, such mishaps can largely be avoided.

Open This End / Open Other End

For the best protection and security, most parcels are taped shut at both ends when they leave the factory or depot.  Usually, taking the item out of the box the same way it went in will keep it in top condition.  Simple information packaging labels like these shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to reducing losses due to damage in transit.

Use Cutter / Do Not Use Cutter

The first thing most of us do when we receive a parcel in the post is to reach for a knife.  But these postage labels can help you to avoid damaging the product inside by telling you when it’s safe to cut into the packaging, and when it isn’t.

Do Not Litter Stickers

Businesses are now more environmentally conscious than ever!  This is to remind your customers to clean up after themselves and dispose of product packaging in a responsible way.

Recycled Package Stickers

Likewise, you can publicise your eco-credentials with this shipping label, which also explains to customers that there is a good reason the packaging they have received may look a little dog-eared.

From a basic Fragile label to more complicated handling instructions, find all the packing stickers you need at Label Bar.  We can also help with barcodes, PAT testing labels, health and safety signage, product and asset ID, and much more.  What’s more, for those in a rush we can now offer guaranteed next day delivery.

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