PAT Test Labels

If you’re shopping online for PAT labels, you’ve come to the right place – Label Bar have what we believe to be the finest selection of high quality PAT test related stickers and other workplace labels available, with a range of options to ensure you can find just the product you’re looking for.

PAT testing is still considered the gold standard when it comes to demonstrating your company’s commitment to health and safety in the office and around its appliances.  While not specifically required by UK law, following the guidelines for establishing a PAT testing procedure will mean you carry out many of thee required safety measures as a matter of course.  PAT testing labels will help you to keep a record of compliance with the scheme, and are an easily recognised sign to casual observers that your firm takes its responsibilities seriously.

What information should be displayed on PAT stickers?  That’s really up to you, although there are a few items of information which are pretty much essential if the scheme is to work properly.  The first is the date that the item was inspected.  It will be assumed that the appliance passed its inspection on that day, unless a specific ‘Failed’ sticker is used.  Obviously, if the product is found to be significantly faulty or damaged, it should not be used at all until it has been repaired and re-tested.  The date on the PAT test label informs the user of when the item was last inspected.  If that date was several years ago, it may give rise to concern that the condition of the appliance may have deteriorated in the meantime, so don’t forget to have PAT inspections performed regularly!

The other essential piece of information on a PAT test sticker is the identity of the inspector.  If your firm takes care of its PAT testing in-house, this may be as simple as someone’s initials.  On the other hand, if you are an electrical engineer who carries out periodic PAT testing for a range of clients, why not promote your services with our personalised PAT test labels?  We can send you stickers with your company name and logo, along with your contact details, at very competitive prices.

There are many other options for your PAT test stickers.  Appliances with no flat surfaces will benefit from cable wrap PAT labels, while equipment used outdoors and in harsh environments can be affixed with PAT testing stickers printed on heavy duty, high-grade adhesive material.  If you want to combine your asset tracking program with your PAT testing schedule (a move which has allowed many large companies to vastly simplify their record keeping operations), there are PAT testing stickers labels which incorporate barcodes and unique identifier numbers.

As you can see, it isn’t hard to fine the perfect PAT testing sticker for any application when you work with Label Bar, so get in touch with our team today and find out more about our products and the services we can offer your business.

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