PAT Testing Labels

The concept of PAT testing is not one which has been contrived by a committee in an office to satisfy arbitrary standards laid down by an officious bureaucracy.  Instead, it is a control process which has grown up from the practical considerations of promoting the personal safety of personnel in a work environment.  As a result, conventions surrounding the practice are refreshingly open, and this is reflected in the wide range of PAT testing stickers and related products available from Label Bar.

For the protection of UK workers, some level of accountability must be maintained when it comes to the condition and suitability of office appliances.  On the other hand, it would be easy to take things to far by demanding extensive testing and record keeping for every device on the premises.  In allowing UK organizations to largely police themselves, government bodies such as the Health and Safety Executive have shown reasonableness leading to a culture which is effective without becoming demanding, either of government resources or the businesses themselves.  So while PAT testing remains discretional, some form of monitoring is highly encouraged.

When it comes to sourcing PAT labels online, the Label Bar website has all the products you’ll need in a convenient and easy-to-use format.  Ordering personalised PAT labels with your details and company logo is a doddle, and adds a new level of professionalism to this ubiquitous form of stationary.  Who would have thought you could use PAT testing labels to promote your brand?

Of course, the basic form of the PAT test sticker is retained in all these designs.  Two critical pieces of information – the identity of the inspector and the date the test was conducted – have been the raison d’être for PAT test labels ever since the first portable appliance tests were introduced in UK government buildings in the 1970s.  Now, you can buy a PAT testing sticker with spaces for device fuse rating, retest date, and more.  Your PAT test label can incorporate a resource ID tag, complete with serial number or identification barcode.

In addition to adding new fields of information, innovations in the production of PAT stickers have included a wide range of colours for different types of device, sizes to suit appliances large and small, and tougher materials which resist the frequent handling of the office environment.

Additionally, there are many options when it comes to affixing the tag to the device.  That’s right, when it comes to PAT testing stickers labels are just one way to go.  Label Bar also stock plug top stickers, cable wrap tags and self-tie labels too.

PAT testing, and its related stationary, is a modern success story.  UK workers are now safer than they’ve ever been, and it hasn’t taken harsh legislation to achieve this progress.  We have all spotted PAT test stickers peeping from beneath telephones and photocopiers in business premises and public buildings.  And each time an inspection is conducted, it makes the workplace environment that little bit safer for all of us.

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