Asset Tags

The short answer is: Yes. Whether you’re a small or large business, adorning your technology or office supplies with Asset Tags and Labels is a certain way of being able to keep track of the merchandise you use that is both simplistic and affordable. Asset Tags provide the opportunity for businesses to speedily keep a handle on where their equipment is at any one time. They reduce equipment losses and minimize entry mistakes that stem from systems maintained by individuals performing manual equipment tracking; a simple scan of the barcode and your equipment is logged and tracked wherever it travels with your company.

What do Asset Labels do? 

Asset labels have four key purposes: Theft Prevention, Inventory Control, Equipment Tracking and Maintenance Information. With Asset ID Labels, you immediately provide a visible deterrent for thieves that shows the equipment in question belongs to you, is logged and trackable. The Asset Barcodes allow quick and easy identification linking it to your company, so any equipment that has been stolen can be easily returned if it is found. The tags are made with an extremely tough, semi-rigid and highly durable plastic and, coupled with an ultra-strong adhesive, you can rest assured the tags will remain in place, so the equipment can be identified at any time.

These Fixed Asset Stickers also ensure you can keep close control of your inventory, making sure you know just how much equipment you have in use at any one time. For any business, big or small, expenditure on equipment can potentially be a large outlay, so you can know precisely how much equipment you have and whether you need more just by looking at the database all of your Asset Tags are linked to. This also means that the information you have is completely accurate, and you aren’t relying on the accuracy of human input when tracking your supplies; electronic tracking linked with asset labels is more efficient.

Asset Barcode labels can also provide key information regarding where equipment currently stands in your maintenance schedule. With Barcoded labels, you can quickly scan the item when performing maintenance, so you have a digital log of the date, time and location so it can be referred to later when the servicing and maintenance cycle repeats. Further, you can also use an electronic log to track what maintenance was required and the status of the equipment so as to provide pertinent information on the item in the future.

Asset Tags and your Business needs 

For any business that has a lot of equipment in offices or travelling with workers, you want to know you can keep a track of where that item is as well as its working standard. They provide a much quicker and accurate way of doing this than the conventional manual data entry method, ultimately saving you time and giving you peace of mind that all your valuable equipment is accounted for. So, whether it’s a laptop, a tablet, a desktop computer or a PDA, the answer to your initial question is: Yes. You really do need asset tags.

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