More people these days are concerned with environmental issues than ever before.  It sometimes feels like every new week brings with it some new threat to the natural world posed by industry, agriculture, or some other human activity.  The good news is, public awareness of these matters is continually growing, and there are small and easy lifestyle changes each of us can make which together will make a big difference.

Recycling is one of the frontline measures in making our lives more environmentally sound.  It is something we can all do which has minimal impact on our daily routine once we get used to it.  With the proper infrastructure in place, it would likely cost the average person a total of less than a minute a week more to divide their waste into the various recycling categories.

When domestic recycling first became a ‘thing’, many of us used to load up our vehicles and drive to a local municipal or supermarket carpark where the special skips were located.  Each large steel bin would have it’s own recycling label: ‘Glass’, ‘Plastic Bottles’, ‘Tin Cans’, and so on.  We would then have to rummage around in our own trash to divide the items into the appropriate categories.  It’s no wonder so many people were resistant to the idea!

These days, things are a whole lot easier.  Nearly all homes have various containers for rubbish, many of which bear recycling bin stickers so it’s easy to tell them apart.  And in most areas, recycling is collected periodically alongside general household waste.  Many households are now adopting good recycling practices, and this is good news for all of us as well as the world we live in.

To encourage people to recycle even more, public waste bins which divide trash into types are now available.  Additionally, some companies and other organisations make their own arrangements by having several bins available.  Of course, for these to be effective it is important for employees or the public to be able to easily tell which bin they should use for their refuse.  That’s where recycling labels from Label Bar come in.

These recycling bin labels are designed to allow observers to quickly and clearly discern how to use the waste facilities.  Aside from just stating that this is a recycling bin and encouraging people to use it, our stickers use established images and colour coding to allow users to find the receptacle they need without giving it a second thought.  Managers can show their commitment to environmental measures by using our recycle labels to establish facilities in their workplaces.  We can even supply these recycle stickers as bundles, so you have everything you need in one places.

There are many other possible uses for these stickers.  Some householders or communal residences use these recycling labels for bins, to make sure everyone remembers to put their trash in the right place.  To learn more about products from Label Bar and our commitment to environmental causes, contact us online or on 01325 525 675.

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