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There is a huge, ever increasing, market for counterfeit electrical devices and although these items can be bought at a bargain price they can be highly unstable, here we look into the risks of using such counterfeit products.

One of the reasons the sale of counterfeit electrical devices is increasing could be due to the amount of fake products being sold online. Even in person counterfeit products are hard to distinguish from the real thing, online criminals can market the fake goods using an image of the actual product and when it arrives you may not even question whether what you have bought is a replica or not.

Risks of Counterfeits

There is a reason that real brands such as Apple, Samsung and Sony products are a lot more expensive than what you would pay for a fake version of these sorts of electrical devices. Counterfeit goods are made with cheap, untested materials which can be potentially hazardous or toxic. As the components in a fake device are a lot cheaper and don’t go through the expensive safety tests which brands such as Apple do, they can afford to be sold at a much cheaper price. However, this means the parts used to make these devices are dangerous and have not undergone safety checks to ensure they are stable to use.

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There have been many reports in the news of people receiving electric shocks and even dying after suffering severe burns from fake phone chargers malfunctioning. Other risks include:

  • Electrocutions when going to unplug a counterfeit charger
  • Phones exploding when being answered whilst plugged in
  • Fires starting when fake devices have been left plugged in
  • Harmful substances or chemicals used in fake devices causing injury

As well as counterfeit goods causing major health risks there are also many other reasons why you should avoid buying fake goods at all costs.

One of the main reasons is because these fake devices are made illegally and the profits have been linked to funding organised crime gangs and terrorists. The people employed by criminals to manufacture these fake products are often exploited; made to work in terrible conditions for next to no wages.

Even though buying counterfeit electrical devices can save you a lot of money in the first instance, it is very likely that they will break or have a reduced shelf life. When this does happen you will not be protected by a manufacturers guarantee, therefore you wont be able to claim a refund or be offered an exchange as you would when buying products from a reputable company. So, although at first you will be saving money by going for the cheaper option, the lack of quality will mean you will be soon paying out for a replacement device when your fake product breaks.

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Tips To Avoid Counterfeits

  •  When buying an electrical device that is a really great deal, check online and compare reputable consumer prices. If yours is a drastically reduced price then it is most likely a fake.
  • Avoid buying expensive devices from unknown websites or traders, always head for stores with a good reputation who you know will offer a real product guarantee.
  • Some tell tale signs of a counterfeit product are cosmetic differences such as size, weight, colour and logos are often different or incorrect.
  • All electrical devices should come with a test and service label which shows they have been tested and are safe to use.

These are all simple tips to keep in mind when buying any kind of electrical device, not only will you be avoiding illegal products, you will also be avoiding serious injury to yourself or a family member.


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