Conveying information quickly and accurately is a vital part of modern life.  If you have a message to get across, grabbing the attention of your audience is the first thing you must do to communicate effectively.  You must also get your point across clearly and promptly, otherwise their attention will begin to waver.

We see signs and stickers everywhere, from roadsides and buildings to packaging and the products that we buy.  Most of these signs and labels are functional and to-the-point, in order to convey their message.  Whether you are a manager at a commercial or industrial facility, an organisation member responsible for a premises, or someone who produces goods in your own home, how should you approach the design of signage and labelling?  And where can you buy adhesive labels which are suitable for your needs.

Sign and Label Design

The most successful signs and labels are very simple.  They aim to be recognizable at a glance, connecting with the observer on a subconscious level.  Think of road signs.  You likely don’t remember every single ‘Stop’ or ‘Give Way’ sign you passed on your way into work this morning – in fact, you may not specifically remember any of them.  But you drove as they instructed because you understood what they required of you.

In the same way, the best labels and posters use simple shapes, symbols and colours to convey their messages.  The workplace signs and general adhesive labels available from Label Bar use established colours and symbols to communicate warnings and instructions like ‘Flammable’ or ‘No Smoking‘.  If you are designing your own custom labels for your products or workplace, keeping it simple can make people take notice.

Using Commercially Available Signs and Labels

One way to save yourself the time and expense of creating your own signage and stickers is to buy standard designs from an established supplier.  As mentioned, these will usually already conform to established conventions, making them especially useful for warning signs and any other signage which is required by law.

But even if you just need informational labels for products or other items, a company like Label Bar can produce as many as you need for less than you might expect.  We are specialists in producing signs, notices, and self adhesive stickers and we already have the hardware and software to produce these quickly and efficiently.  Coming to us is so much easier than trying to make your own labels.

By ordering from us, you can have your product delivered to your door in the form of self adhesive labels which are formulated to stick fast to almost any surface.  No more lost labels, and no fiddling around with glue and paper – simply peel, stick, move on.  And once your label design is in our system, we can run you off a new batch and deliver them to you whenever you need them.  What could be easier?

To buy adhesive labels or enquire about our other products, contact Label Bar online or on 01325 525 675.

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