At Label Bar, we are industry leaders for supplying labels for the health and safety industry, offering over a decade of experience in the field. We specialise in offering the most extensive range of labels that you could require, here we will draw our attention to our range of shipping and packing labels.

Shipping and Packing Labels at Label Bar

At Label Bar, we offer a range of labels that help package handlers when dealing with the packages. In cases where there may be packages that contain fragile objects, shipping and packing labels can be used to indicate that they must be handled with care. Likewise, we can provide labels for when a package needs to face a particular direction, as well as those that show which way a package should be opened, and whether or not a cutter, hooks or hand trucks can be used. Additionally, centre of gravity labels offer guidance in terms of where the shipping package is the heaviest. Furthermore, we stock labels that show requirements such as keeping it dry, to discourage littering, and informative labels including whether it uses recycled packaging.

The Importance of Shipping and Packing Labels

Shipping and packing labels are important because they provide vital information about how to pack and ship goods in the best way. By doing this, you can guarantee that the contents will be safe and secure on their journey from A to B. Shipping stickers can provide the necessary information to those handling the packages that would not be known otherwise as it is impossible to see what is inside the box, whether fragile or needed to be in an upright position. Shipping and packing labels can assist package handlers in a range of ways, whether being handled at the start of their journey, during transit, or at their final destination. Not only are such labels useful for the safety of the contents, but they can also be important for the health and safety of those working with such packages, for example in the case of heavy goods.

What Shipping and Packing Labels Mean

When packages aren’t fragile, they may be handled in a fast-paced environment as there is often an emphasis on efficiency rather than care when there is time pressure. However, when a worker can see the shipping and packing labels that indicate that the package is fragile or should be handled with care, this enables them to have a balance between efficiency and care, taking more time and care to make sure such packages are safely handled to avoid any accidents. Likewise, for packaging that contain many parts, labels that indicate the direction of the package makes sure the contents remain in place, preventing damage from them being strewn about in transit. Furthermore, the labels that show the centre of gravity help those handling the package to hold it in the correct position to prevent injury, protecting both the worker as well as the contents of the package. This is also true for labels that show how to clamp a package, and whether or not to use hand trucks or hooks, so that the worker will know how to handle the package in the proper way. Lastly, labels that state whether or not to use a cutter and which way to open a package are used with the recipient in mind, so as not to damage anything at this final stage.

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