Inspection Labels

Inspection labels can be found on almost any piece of equipment in the workplace. Whether it’s a ladder in a warehouse or a microwave in an office kitchen, every asset belonging to a business must be regularly checked as part of the business’s health and safety procedures. Each of these will have their own different process for being inspected.

Here at Label Bar we stock a huge variety of inspection labels for a huge variety of equipment. Yet there are so many inspection labels it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Here is a selection of general inspection labels that can work

Quality assurance labels

‘Quality assurance’ is an umbrella term referring to any process which determines whether a product or service meets specified requirements. For that reason, quality assurance labels often serve as general inspection labels for many different purposes. Many labels outline different stages of the QA process, such as highlighting that an object has been inspected, can return to stock or requires repair. The exact type of quality assurance label you’ll find depends on the company and its individual requirements.

Battery test results labels

Batteries are an essential part of many electrical appliances and this type of inspection label is specifically designed to highlight whether they work or not. Some of the details included on battery maintenance labels include voltage, amps, temperature and the name of the engineer.

Ladder inspection labels

Ladders aren’t hugely technical pieces of equipment but having a ladder that works properly is crucial in many work environments, particularly when it comes to keeping workers safe. Ladder inspection labels offer people using the ladders reassurance that their ladder has been tested for safety and will be regularly checked.

Microwave inspection labels

Emitting electromagnetic radiation, a microwave may be a fairly ordinary piece of kit to find around the office but they can be highly dangerous if not properly maintained, and costly to an employer. Microwave inspection labels allow the engineer to note the results of specific tests relating to the microwave relating to its interlock, door seal and emission level. Some also offer additional space to allow the engineer to note whether the microwave has passed or failed the test.

Vehicle service labels

When vehicles are regularly being used, it’s only a matter of time before they will begin to suffer from wear and tear. Vehicle service labels are handy for noting when a vehicle should next be serviced, whether that’s after reaching a number of service miles or by a certain date.

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As you can see, there are inspection labels available for almost any purpose, be they general inspection labels or specific service labels for particular objects. If you have any questions about inspection labels or would like to find a specific label to suit your requirement, please contact us right here at Label Bar today and we would be very happy to share our expertise with you.

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