PAT Test Labels

Anyone working in an environment with electronic appliances will likely have seen PAT labels on their assets. PAT, which stands for portable appliance testing, refers to the process of examination which checks that an electrical appliance is safe to use.

Many companies regularly perform PAT tests in order to meet health and safety regulations, placing a PAT label on the object once testing has been completed.

Here at Label Bar we know everything we need to know about PAT testing labels as we host a huge variety of them. But what are the common types of PAT labels and what can you expect to see on them? Here are just a few of the types of PAT labels you can expect to see and the details you’ll find on them.

Visual inspection check

For the vast majority of electrical appliance defects, a visual inspection is all that is needed. This type of PAT label, helpfully illustrated with an eye, shows that the appliance has been briefly looked over and showed no obvious problems, rather than given a thorough examination. This check could be by a layman given simple training or a competent person, depending on the type of equipment.

Radio frequency emission check

A radio frequency emission check concerns appliances that emit radio frequencies which could be dangerous if they are faulty. Just some of the types of equipment this test might cover include microwaves and other appliances that use electromagnetic radiation. By seeing one of these PAT test labels installed on an appliance you or your staff will know that this specific element of the appliance has been checked.


The most important purpose of a portable appliance test is to determine whether the appliance is safe to use. If an appliance has a PAT test label stating that it has passed the test, the person picking up the appliance should have no worries. If the appliance’s PAT test label says that it has failed, then they will know that it remains faulty and needs to be repaired or replaced.

Appliance ID

Closely related to asset ID labels, an appliance ID is a common feature on PAT labels. These help people using the appliance know exactly which model they are handling, a particularly useful piece of information if the business owns several appliances of the same make and needs to know which one to repair or loan out.

Contact details

Many PAT test labels have the name of the person that the appliance belongs to, their contact details and often the engineer who has performed the test. By providing these details, the person using the appliance can contact the engineer or the company if they have any problems with the appliance.

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As the above shows, PAT labels vary hugely in their style and in the information that they provide. If you are interested in purchasing PAT test labels for your appliances or have any questions about PAT labels please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us here at Label Bar. We would be very happy to answer all of your questions.

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