GHS Regulation Labels

Since ancient times, international trade has made rare and exotic items and commodities available throughout the world.  Wealthy and important members of various cultures have enjoyed works of art, furnishings, and food and drink from the furthest corners of the globe.  Such items were delivered by intrepid traders, who would spend weeks or months at a time travelling with their valuable cargoes.  It’s no wonder only the richest members of societies could afford foreign goods!

But in the last century, the same advancements which have opened up international travel to the masses have made it possible for any of us to purchase items made thousands of miles away and have them delivered to our homes within hours, and all for less that the cost of a days’ food.  This astronomical escalation in international trade has changed the world forever, and in the process has thrown up unexpected challenges.

For example, there are over 6,000 languages in the world, and for many dealing with information in a tongue which is foreign to them can be a daily occurrence.  The potential for misunderstandings is high, and if the products being transported are hazardous, the results could be life-threatening.  It quickly became apparent that a way of clearly communicating the dangers of certain goods without the use of a common language was needed.

In response to this need, the United Nations codified the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (abbreviated to GHS) beginning in 1992.  Since symbols are more efficient than words for conveying simple information, the GHS Regulation Labels used to represent the various classifications of chemicals take the form of simple pictograms.  The goal is that these symbols should be quickly and easily recognisable by handling personnel anywhere in the world.

Hence, to be able to obtain and correctly use the appropriate GHS regulation stickers for your product is important for anyone working in the field of transporting or shipping chemical products.  In many lands, the use of GHS stickers is required by law.

Label Bar are a company providing a wide assortment of workplace labelling and signage including PAT testing labels, health and safety signs, and a full range of GHS hazard labels for national and international shipping.  Getting the right GHS labels for your product doesn’t have to be difficult thanks to our easy to use ordering system.  And if you’re stuck, we can give you help in matching each chemical classification with the correct GHS regulation sticker.

Each GHS sticker is made of self adhesive polyolefin, which means it will prove highly durable and resist moisture and mild chemical damage.  After all, the purpose of a GHS hazard sticker is to warn of potential chemical hazards!  By posting the appropriate GHS regulation label on every consignment, your goods can be handled safely anywhere in the world without threatening the wellbeing of personnel and the general public.

For more information on GHS hazard stickers or any other types of labels, feel free to contact us.

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